Welcome to the winter special Cube Collab brought to you by the Pixel Collab Discord server.

A winter special collab for everyone, whatever your celebration (or not) and where ever you are please enjoy this nice bit of festive fun to round off what has been a terrible year.

Wishing you all a happy holidays and a positive future!

Press R to reset the position of the entries!

Left mouse click allows you to zoom in and move around.

Special thanks to Noxitive & Jezaiya for the extra art and fillers, Leonheart515 for finding bugs and ideas and Scowsh for providing the music!

Art entries provided by: PixelShorts, Leonheart515, Jin9310, Jezaiya, SymbolsWriter, ArtGrink, Sk3ll, Noxitive, KingKelpo, DubniumGames, bons, Mushy, Blawnode, Dinchen, pigeonhat, LouBagel


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Woo!! It turned out gorgeous! :D