It's Halloween, and the night falls on the graveyard. But... the dead has other plans for this special occasion...


Your job? To stop them from leaving their graves, this is no party! With your shovel in hand, whack 'em back to where they belong! You are, a Graveyard Keeper after all.

Failure to do the job, will make your boss, very unhappy. How long will you last, i wonder?

-WASD or arrow keys, to run around.
-Left-click, to swing your Shovel.
-Right-click, to Dash in the direction you're running.
-Spacebar, to throw your Shovelrang in the direction you're pointing at.
-The Ghosts can steal your shovel, get it back if that happens!
-The game is over when a undead rises from their grave, so go get that money!

Rains down a barrage of shovels on all graves, handy for money making.
Ghost Buddy  
Spawns a ghastly version of yourself, that helps with the money collection.
Winged Trainers  
Makes you lighter than a ghost, in short, Gotta go fast!

- A community Halloween project, done by the PixelCollabs community, hope you like it!

Developed by PixelShortsMk.2 
Art By DaaWeeD, jtapstvpigeonhatNoxitive
Music By ScowshMolosh
Voices by Noxitive
Palette used, Tranquil Fantasy 23 by Glacier

Thanks to the following, for their contribution on the project.
They each designed a grave, and it's undead/monster and ghost sprites: 
Alien - Blawnode - DerpyCatThing - DubniumGames - Garbo - Glacier - DinchensArt - rsvpasap - HellPug - Jay - Jin9310 - LouBagel - MedDaKvas - Mrky - NatTorpedia - NickAVV - beckyOwlmusic - partiallySpooky  - Rhoq - SazDX - Tur713 - Xavashez - Zugai

Come and join us on Discord!

Install instructions

Download the file and boot the exe, it should start the game.


Grave Man.exe 6 MB


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Very fun game.


Thanks for playing! Though I notice you didn't press space to throw the shovel! It's the key to survival!


You can do that?!?!?! Damn!! Next time lol.


Grave Man is short, fast paced, silly, and deceptively challenging. I dig it. (Pun intended.)

Good job, devs.

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed playing and nice video!


Liked the game! there's a bug if you press esc, the screen goes black and player needs to refresh the game to keep playing


Yeah the escape key closes the windows build. It was left in here as we assumed nobody would press it but unfortunately you did :)


On development in general, everything that could happen, will happen. I assumed esc would pause the game if that helps for feedback ;)


I have also encountered this bug . . . as I was tempted to see for myself after reading these comments

It was a fun project to work on, hope you folks liked playing it!